On this page you'll find additional handlers/filters that can be used with PAW.
If not otherwise specified the handler/filters can be imported by using the PAW Import menu entry.

File Handler

This handler turns your PAW server into a Web Server.

By default the PAW documentation is served. The port used can be changed inside the PAW server settings.
To change the document root of the server, specify a new directory as the value parameter of the following line in the handler's definition:
<param name="filehandler.root" value="html" />

Dependencies: Mimetype definitons are needed.

Download File Handler

Mimetype Definitions

Provides the Mimetype definitions for serving pages.
It is not a real handler though.

Dependencies: none

Download Mimetype Definitions

Proxy Logfile Handler

This handler outputs a Proxy log in common logfile format to a file.
The common logfile format is as follows:

remotehost rfc931 authuser [date] "request" status bytes

By default the logfile is named proxy.log and resides in the PAW installation directory.
This can be changed by editing the parameter value="proxy.log" in the following line:
<param name="logfile.logFile" value="proxy.log" />

Dependencies: none

Download Proxy Logfile Handler

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